License Agreement

Parakeet Primaries

  1. This license is between you, the buyer, and Parakeet, Inc. Parakeet owns the icons delivered with this license. You are a licensee.
  2. This license is non-exclusive and non-transferable. It takes effect when you download the icons. This license applies to the icons you received with this license and any free updates to the icons published by Parakeet. Parakeet reserves all rights not granted in this license.
  3. Subject to the limitations below, one license allows you to use the icons in all of your products, apps, websites, or other works.
  4. You may not distribute copies of the icons to unlicensed users. Use of the icons is subject to the following limitations:
    1. You may use “read-only” versions of the icons in digital files you create, including PDFs, e-books, software applications, and websites. “Read-only” means that users of your digital files can not install the icons to make new works using the icons.
    2. You may use the icons in physical items (e.g., signs, products, etc.).
    3. If you want to use the icons for things you make on behalf of others (e.g., as a designer or developer doing client services work), you must obtain a separate license for each client.
    4. You may not use the icons as primary branding elements (e.g., logos), app icons, social avatars, favicons, or similar uses. You also may not create physical embodiments of an icon (e.g., a 3D-printed version of the “couch” icon) or merchandise primarily featuring one or more icons (e.g., a sweatshirt with the “scooter” icon).
    5. You may not resell or redistribute the icons (or modified versions of the icons).
  5. You may modify the icons, but the modified versions remain subject to this license.
  6. This license remains in effect until terminated. If you breach this license, it automatically terminates. If you have unusual or excessive technical-support needs, Parakeet can terminate your license by refunding your license fee. After termination, you must delete all copies you’ve made of the icons and discontinue use of the icons. At Parakeet’s request, you must certify that you have done so.
  7. Oregon law governs this license. Courts in Multnomah County, Oregon have exclusive jurisdiction over claims related to this license and you consent to personal jurisdiction in those courts. You agree to service of process at the e-mail address on your original order.
  8. IMPORTANT! The icons are provided “AS IS”. You waive the implied warranty of infringement.
  9. ALSO IMPORTANT! Parakeet’s liability to you for costs, damages, or other losses arising from your use of the icons—including third-party claims against you—is limited to a refund of your license fee. Parakeet may not be held liable for any consequential damages related to your use of the icons.
  10. If an organization is the purchaser of this license, the following terms also apply:
    1. An “organization” is an entity, or logical subdivision of an entity, with more than one and less than 250 employees. 
    2. All employees of the organization may use the same license and the icons may be used for all products, apps, websites, or other works created by the organization. Subcontractors need their own license.
    3. The organization is responsible for breaches of this license by its employees and former employees.
  11. This is the entire license. This license can be changed only if we both agree in writing.
  12. Send questions to Thanks for your purchase!